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Leadership Profile

How a Former Solar Installer is Turning Heating and Cooling Data Into Dollars and Cents

Phil Krinner has deep empathy for the challenges of growing a home electrification business, informed by his experience installing solar panels and going on the road with contractors. With this insight, he and a team largely of former tech founders are developing Arch – a data intelligence platform set to enable an industry expected to grow as rapidly as solar.

Translating Heat Pumps into a Financial Opportunity

The Climate Challenge
Rising energy costs, increasing heat waves, and growing federal, state, and utility incentives are surging demand for electric heat pumps. However, the industry faces a shortage of installers and high upfront installation costs.

Seeking a Solution
“I spent countless hours with contractors,” shares Phil. “I feel for them. They spend 80% of their time on leads that don’t convert.” 

Arch addresses this challenge with an advanced platform that enables contractors to quickly analyze homes, optimize a system, and will soon include savings calculations. With these insights, Arch will unlock competitive point-of-sale financing and further boost contractors’ sales.

Faster, Cheaper, Smarter
Arch integrates data from various internal and external data sources and uses proprietary algorithms to offer intelligence beyond workflow automation. 

“Heat pumps are currently a black box,” Phil explains. “Using technology to generate insights into the system’s performance and savings, we’re helping contractors, homeowners, and financiers see the financial opportunity.”

The Outcome
Electric heat pumps are outselling gas furnaces, and analysis by RMI indicates that replacing a gas furnace with a heat pump can reduce up to 93% of climate pollution. A coalition of 25 states, representing 55% of the U.S. population, committed to installing 20 million residential heat pumps by 2030. The International Energy Agency estimates that the U.S. must invest $160 billion annually by 2030 to meet its goals.

By turning the skyrocketing demand for heat pumps into sales for contractors, Arch aims to accelerate the installation of heat pumps and enable faster growth for HVAC businesses.