Your Team

We’ve founded companies, seen every increment of scale, and know what it takes to build game-changing climate technology. So, skip the first ten slides and tell us how we can help you move forward, faster.



Mike has spent 25 years building technology companies as a founder, CTO of Facebook/Meta, and head of engineering at Mozilla where he’s scaled teams from 0->30,000+ and built real world stuff like datacenters (powered by 8GW of renewable energy!), consumer hardware, and drove long term R&D in AI, AR, and VR. He’s using these skills to fund science, policy, and companies needed to fight the climate crisis.



Victoria has been a leading investor, founder, and operator in the climate industry for the past 15 years, including her most recent work as General Partner at Prelude Ventures. Her investments and experience span clean energy, mobility, food & agriculture, materials circularity, and carbon markets. She held Board roles at Trove, Persefoni, Meati, and Lightship, and led investments in Living Carbon, Lime, AMP Robotics, and ClearMetal. She founded an agriculture supply chain company, ran finance for several years in the energy space, and worked on climate change strategy at BCG. Victoria holds an MBA from Stanford University, as well as an MS in Environment and Resources.


Tsai, PhD

Evaline – a University of Cambridge Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology PhD – brings a deeply scientific and technical point-of-view to the Gigascale team. She most recently spent two years at Fine Structure Ventures, where her investments included Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Boston Metal, Debut Biotech, Phytoform, and Hoxton Farms. Before becoming an investor, Evaline founded a Y-Combinator-backed healthcare company building tools to enable oncologists to make the best therapeutic decisions for their patients.