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Dioxycle electrolyzer

Leadership Profile

The Team of PhDs Sparking a Materials Revolution

Fueled by efficiency, scalability, and a DIY spirit, Dioxycle’s relentless work in the lab makes cheaper, emissions-free products a reality. Their groundbreaking technology upends traditional chemical production by transforming carbon emission waste into valuable products.

Everyday Products Made with Recycled Carbon Emissions

The Climate Challenge
Per the IEA, the chemical sector is the largest industrial energy consumer and the third largest industry source of direct CO₂ emissions–mainly because it uses fossil fuels as a raw material.  

Seeking a Solution
Founded by Dr. Sarah Lamaison and Dr. David Wakerley, Dioxycle develops and commercializes a novel electrolysis technology to clean up ethylene – a building block for everything from textiles to building materials and cars.

“It’s a powerful, elegant, and laser-focused process,” Sarah says. “We use electricity and wasted carbon emissions to build from the molecule up, instead of breaking oil down.” 

Make It Cheaper and Better
By retrofitting existing industrial plants, Dioxycle delivers a cost-efficient and scalable solution while reducing CapEx investment and risk.

Their approach to building electrolyzers is the definition of gigascaling in action. Think of making solar panels in a factory. You get good at it, so it gets cheaper. Once onsite, Dioxycle’s modular units scale in plane, stacked, and paralyzed to add capacity while maintaining efficiency.

Building this way drives down costs and will make Dioxycle’s ethylene cost competitive with standard fossil fuel processes. “We’re pragmatic,” Sarah explains. “To have a sizable impact, we must clean up major commodities. The only way to trigger decarbonization in such price-sensitive markets is by offering a cheaper green alternative.”

The Outcome
By removing fossil fuels from ethylene production, Dioxycle has the potential to slash CO₂ emissions by 800 million tons every year (2%+ of the global total).

Right now, Dioxycle is focused on the $180 billion+ ethylene market but has its sights on the $5 trillion+ chemicals sector broadly. Sarah adds, “Our ambition is to create a new industrial standard for sustainable production.” 

Meet Sarah Lamaison

We accomplished a lot in the past three years and are now transitioning from R&D into industrial prototyping and partnerships. We’re excited to build the team for this next phase.