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This Serial Entrepreneur is Bringing Consumer Tech Know-How to Climate

Selina Tobaccowala is a pioneering figure in consumer tech with a track record at SurveyMonkey, Evite, and Ticketmaster. Initially unsure of how her skills could translate to climate tech, she’s since discovered the crucial need to translate solutions into consumer-friendly products.

Saving Homeowners Money by Learning Fast

The Climate Challenge
In the US, residential energy makes up 20% of emissions. A key solution is home electrification. Rewiring America estimates the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will give around $10,600 per household to American households to switch while also saving an average of $1,800 annually on energy bills. There are real savings, but it can be a daunting process to make the most of them.

Seeking a Solution
Selina Tobaccowala identified residential energy consumption as a prime area for her consumer tech expertise and dove straight in. “We interviewed and surveyed thousands of people,” Selina shares. “An overwhelming majority are interested but don’t know where to start.”

While solar panels and heat pumps are becoming mainstream, there are lower-cost things people can do, like air sealing and insulation. And HomeBoost wants to help them navigate those options.

Unlocking Gigascale
HomeBoost is powered by a deep understanding of consumer needs. “It’s important to get consumer feedback quickly, even to a percentage of the audience,” says Selina.

Having held CEO and CTO roles, Selina also stresses the importance of arming teams with customer insights and business objectives. “Put the why and what you’re measuring in everything. People need to understand the impact of their work.”

The Outcome
The US currently has less than 2000 energy auditors, a bottleneck for home electrification. While still in stealth, HomeBoost plans to focus on bridging this gap initially.

Meet Selina Tobaccowala

The more you share what you’re trying to do and why you’re trying to do it, the more innovation and problem-solving you’ll get from your team.